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Dedication and Commitment

Shield Defense Corporation (Shield) is a management owned private American company with over 100 years of combined technical experience and knowledge. Excellence is not just our philosophy; it is weaved into our practice and operations, creating a culture with a mentoring attitude and the strongest ethics to achieve our partner's highest success.

Technology and Services

Our roots are based in aviation maintenance services, providing Quality Controls, Production Controls, Non-destructive Inspections, and Structured OJT Programs. Our technological offerings include proprietary software engineered systems and services. From records management to Big-Data mining, Shield specializes in machine learning and algorithms that unlock insights to quality and improvements for our workforce and the systems we touch; all while reducing risk and improving our people's safety.

Knowledgeable Assets

We are forward thinking with a foundation in best practices. Every member of Shield is a valued asset and offers a rich resource for knowledge exchange. With a team formed by exceptional professionals that take pride in their craft, and perform to their highest levels with a winning attitude, our job is driven by excellence to assure readiness and success. Our strength is our people. Supporting a strong Shield is in our name.

Collaborate with and get mentored by
a Sage

Wisdom is hard to find. Even harder is finding someone that is willing to share their knowledge. At Shield, we are all about making everyone knowledgeable through the practical experience of seasoned veterans along with modern technologies and methods so that we can always find our answers.

Our Core Values

Commitment to Services

A prime objective of Shield is to provide the best client services possible. Our consultants do whatever it takes to support our clients and their practices. We understand the time pressures professionals' face and the need to deliver excellent results quickly to their clients. Our solutions are designed to meet those needs.

Technical Expertise

Our reputation is based on the quality and knowledge of our staff. We hire outstanding professionals who have demonstrated their expertise through educational or work experience. We continually maintain the technical proficiency of our staff through extensive training and contact with leading manufacturers and technology providers.

Quality Products

To maintain a high level of service, we only recommend quality products from proven vendors. Engineering design, quality components, prompt service, and availability are important considerations in the selection of products that we recommend to our clients. We spend considerable time and energy in the constant evaluation of new products and services.

Client Satisfaction

Shield is successful because we are committed to client satisfaction. We value our long term relationships with our clients and work hard to maintain them. Our commitment is to excellence and client satisfaction. We strive to earn the trust of our clients through performance.

Our Reach
is Global
Our services



Shield is a global provider of aviation services, including hostile and austere locations. Our teams of professionals maintain the highest level of operational readiness at all times. Militaries put their trust in Shield to provide safe, reliable and expertly-maintained aircraft for their nation's pilots.

Our specialty is to provide organizational, line, intermediate and limited depot-level maintenance and logistics for rotor wing aircrafts. Our dedicated professionals install aircraft modification programs for a broad range of weapons systems and engine types, capable of updating entire fleets to mission-ready status.


Shield stands ready to assist organizations in all phases of the creation and execution of a structured "On-the-Job-Training" program. For clients, we provide a complete OJT program and development of an OJT roadmap, lesson guides, job performance measures (JPMs), and supporting job training reference materials. Shield flexible approach allows for clients to collaborate with Shield in the development of a tailored program.

In our markets, OJT programs can take on several forms. For some trainers, "On-the-Job-Training" means a total lack of a formal training program. For Shield, the term OJT is a training method where experienced professionals take new technicians under their wing, instruct and coach them to peak job performance, transferring to them the benefits of years of knowledge and experience.


Shield's software applications, and engineering and development services are the foundation to our global delivery systems. Our engineers and data scientist have created solutions to some of our most challenging problems using modern techniques such as cloud computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Our applications are designed to encourage collaboration, the transfer of knowledge, improve quality, manage risk, and can even learn to predict the unknown. Our combination of technology and people make us the preferred choice for not just achieving, but exceeding our client's expectations.

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